Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New USDA Zone Hardiness Map

USDA 2012 Hardiness Zone Map for Massachusetts
The USDA's 2012 Updated Zone Hardiness Map has been released.   This is the first major update to the hardiness map since 1990 and according to this article  in Horticulture Magazine, a "majority" of zones are now a half zone warmer.

The new hardiness zone designations represent the results of an analysis of 30 years of data and make a compelling statement about global "warming".  So does today's weather:  near 50 degrees F, overcast, with occasional showers.

Our zone has remained the same, which means we still probably can't grow crape myrtle <sigh> unless, of course, we plan to bring it in for the winter to join our Meyer lemon and honey fig in Steve's office or someone develops a hardier cultivar that can stand up to New England winters.

You can find the newest version of the USDA map here .  This only applies to US zones. For international readers, has a listing of links to World Hardiness Zones here.  

Cathy and Steve are still in USDA Zone 6b, Sunset zone 34, anxiously waiting for spring to arrive on the seacoast, north of Boston, MA, USA