Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Glories of Spring

Peonies spring up next to tulips and daffodils are blooming in the perennial garden.

The colors and fragrances of spring continue to burst forth throughout the garden. For the second week in a row, pansy faces greet us front and back and the garden hyacinths perfume our home and garden nside and out.
The earliest azaleas are blooming as well, but the prime showstopper this week is the constellation of daffodils that decorate each and every bed, in shades of ivory, butter, lemon, orange, peach, and pink.

The magnolias are not going to disappoint, as they did last spring. The star magnolia is fully in bloom and the mauve and cream saucer is not far behind. The first petals are just starting to tease away from the buds. The yellow magnolias will follow close on its heels and both trees are literally covered with buff and green buds.

Come, lets take a walk and enjoy early spring in the garden!

The cottage garden bursts with color and fragrance.

A sampling of the daffodils that bloom among the many beds in the formal and cottage gardens, Single and double and ruffled, with shades of white, yellow, peach, orange, butter, and pink, the colors and varieties are  as stunning as they are plentiful. We planted bulbs in clusters of at least a dozen to maximize their dramatic effect. 

The hellebores are stunning and long-lasting, and this year they have put on their most dramatic display to date.


The Cleveland Pear is budded
This laurel will be blooming for the first time!

Two of our koi, Goldie and Frick, scavenge for algae near the waterfall rocks. Water mint grows in the foreground.

Throughout the garden are areas to sit and reflect, read, meditate, or enjoy a mug of tea or light snack. This is the walkway into the back side of the tree grove where the star magnolia and the hellebores are blooming and the trillium is fully budded and ready to open. We often read the Sunday paper while sipping our morning coffee here in the shade of the variegated willows. When the viburnum and lilacs are blooming, the fragrance is indescribable.

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