Thursday, May 12, 2011

Update: Our Sand Cherry is in Full Bloom!

To look at our sand cherry a little more than a month ago, you would not have expected much from it this spring. Horribly damaged by a misguided plow, virtually every branch was damaged and the main trunk suffered a deep split.

We repaired it as best we could, literally gluing it back together, then crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. We were encouraged when every branch sported dark burgundy leaf buds followed by flower buds over the last few weeks.

Nothing has made us smile as much as the vision before us today, when, despite the rain, it erupted into full bloom. Not quite as lush as last years profusion of blooms, it nonetheless has filled the front yard and living room with its amazing perfume.

We will have to watch it closely over the summer for pests and contemplate what kind of winter protection will best protect it from further damage. But if hope springs eternal, our sand cherry is the embodiment of that adage.


  1. What a beautiful sight. The colors of your sand cherry blooming are quite a sight to behold. Heheh, I'm so jealous that you guys were able to see that personally.

    Well, have a great gardening day too!

  2. The fragrance is as wonderful as the tree is beautiful to look at!


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