Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our Baby Robins Take Flight!

Yesterday, when I looked in on our little robins early in the morning, Mother Robin was perched on the edge of the nest, while the two fledglings, who have doubled in size and are now sporting a full coat of feathers, peeped loudly at her.

Unwilling to disturb them for a photograph, I decided to wait, hoping that Mother would fly off in search of food and I could get perhaps one last photograph of the peepers cuddled together in the nest. I knew she would soon be rousting them from their home and I was hoping I would get to see the little ones take their first flight.

Alas, I missed the main event. A short while later, I heard peeping and fluttering in our crab apple and the Japanese maple, and mother and babes were fluttering about. Getting a picture of them has not been easy as they are flitting from branch to branch in the tree grove. But I did catch one of the little ones in flight as it followed mother to where she was loudly chirping in one of the tall pines.

This morning, they are still sticking close to the trees in the yard, the fledglings flitting in and out of the maple, the variegated willow, the crab apples, and the pine, with all three, mother and her two offspring, chasing one another while keeping up a lively chirping, and still hard to catch on camera.

Although I'm sad I didn't get to see them actually leave the nest, we all are delighted that we were able to host the little family these last few weeks. But I must confess, it's nice to finally be able to reclaim our patio and the sliders from the family room to the back gardens!


  1. yippeee..a success....I am so glad to hear they are well and taking flight...

  2. How very exciting! I love witnessing mother nature's work! Thanks so much for leaving a comment at Southern Meadows as it gave me an opportunity to visit your wonderful blog. I am now a follower!

  3. What a momentous day for them! How exciting to see nature at work. I hope your robins live long and happy lives.

  4. It is always a great sight to see when baby birds take flight for the first time. But, you miss it now and then. I missed the baby jays on their first mission.

  5. I was convinced they were going to fly when I was away and I was delighted that they were still here when I came back from my trip. I hung around down stairs and in the yard weeding, keeping an eye out, but I was either in the bathroom or in my husband's office answering a call when they took flight.

    Disappointed at missing it, yes, but I think what's more important is that we gave this little family privacy and respect, to breed in the haven of our garden without interference from us. I have to say, the birdsong in the trees the past two days has been totally delightful!

    Thanks, everyone, for posting comments!


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