Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our First Spring Roses

This week I've been in New York to attend a Rose Fragrance "walk" led by Sarah Owens, rose curator at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and Rose Night, also at the BBG.  I'll post all about those exciting events when I get back, but in the meantime, the roses in our own garden have started blooming and they are as lovely as ever.

While the climbers are slow to send canes streaking skyward, the teas and shrub roses are outdoing themselves to make up for it.

It's not uncommon for us to have an occasional rose blossom by Memorial Day, especially the rugosas, but this many roses showing blooms this early, especially after such a cold and rainy spring, is unusual for us.

The fragrance of the Sterling Silver is as stunning as its lovely lavender blooms. Fortunately, both of our shrubs are heavy producers as they are short lived blossoms. But overall, the fragrance has been somewhat lacking this spring, undoubtedly the result of the rain.

Here are some of the stars of the first blush of blossoms.

 Cupcake, a miniature, in the front cottage garden. That's a persimmon ranunculus in the background.
Passionate Kisses, Floribunda, Hybrid Tea

Passionate Kisses blooms in a cluster formation
Sterling Silver, Hybrid Tea
Sterling Silver Hybrid Tea, a heavy bloomer even this early in the season. The citrus fragrance perfumes the area. The blossoms are very short-lived, but are quickly replaced by others.
Elizabeth Taylor, a deep carmine rose, hybrid tea. a very fragrant rose especially early in the day.
Elizabeth Taylor a deep carmine rose, hybrid tea
John F. Kennedy, Hybrid Tea
John F. Kennedy, Hybrid Tea
Hotel California, Hybrid Tea
Mister Lincoln, Hybrid Tea, has a particularly high-centered bloom
Mister Lincoln, Hybrid Tea
The Double Pink Knock-Out, shrub roses that are covered with blossoms and will remain that way until Thanksgiving
Bonica, a shrub rose, is covered with clusters of buds and was just starting to bloom as I was leaving for the rose events 
We love all of our gardens and blooms, but roses have a special place in our hearts. We currently have lost count of how many -- but we are in the process of posting garden markers beside each one and "counting" again. (We have at least 130... which is why it can be easy to lose count!)


  1. What beautiful roses. I used to have two knockout roses when I lived in Virginia. I have three here in Arizona: Mr. Lincoln, Honour, and Tropicana. I am not a rosarian, but I love the shape and fragrance of roses. Your gardens and pond are gorgeous!

  2. Sterling Silver really caught my eye, but you do have lots of beautiful roses. I have never grown roses myself, but I do so appreciate their beauty.

  3. They are all beautiful. Sterling Silver is unusual though and caught my eye.

  4. Beautiful roses that I can even smell through my computer screen...I have Knockouts ready to go too...if we still had the warm weather they would have bloomed more already...oh well I can wait...

  5. I love your roses!

    My rugosas are blooming up a storm right now, and they are soooooo fragrant. The climbers are full of buds, but nothing has popped out yet. The David Austin in the Secret Garden will probably be open by tomorrow.


  6. Beautiful roses. I need new markers, as the old ones have faded. Enjoy your beautiful blooms!

  7. Beautiful roses! Love Knock Outs (cause they're beautiful and easy)but your Mr. Lincoln is so Handsome!
    One climbing I'm in love with is 'Teasing Georgia"
    but mine took a very hard hit this winter..."so we shall see" as my mom used to say.

  8. Thanks, everyone, for your wonderful comments! In the few days I was gone, the garden exploded with color, and even more roses are blooming - definitely my favorite time of year. Finally, our weather changed. Hope yours changes soon, Donna!


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